We are a motion and design agency that helps businesses translate their marketing and communications goals into visual assets that connects them to their costumers.
We listen for every client’s needs and fulfill them through audiovisuals. Our dynamic team of creatives create meaningful and compelling content to help every client communicate clearly to their customers. We treat every problem as a challenge and with our collective experiences we give every client just what they need to further grow their business.

Jean-Clair Sint-Jago

Founder / CEO

Jean-Clair Sint-Jago is the founder and CEO of Lifelight Studios, where he oversees the creative and strategic direction of the company.

Close after being introduced to the world of graphic design, he realized how much influence media has and with this in mind he wanted to be a positive influence using mainly graphic design, cinemathography & photography.

He made beautiful imagery for many years but only after earning his bachelor's degree in social work, he decided to officially open Lifelight Studios.

Since then he produced and directed many documentaries, music videos, commercials, developed branding for many companies and collaborated with many other creatives.

- It’s not about creating beautiful work but creating work that inspire and influence others to be better -

Favorite color : #3bbdb5

Janike Maria

Senior Accountant

Nellisa Brug

Production Manager

I love people, I love to travel and I love my mom (if you know her, you will love her to).

She is one of the most kind, hardworking, selfless human being you will ever meet. But that is not what this is about, this is my Biography, I’m supposed to be writing about my accomplishments.

So here goes, yes, I am a social media specialist (I create fun, entertaining and informative content, and I make sure every clients social media is active and bringing in business).I also have a bachelors degree that allows me to officially call myself a licenced social worker. The beautiful thing about being a social worker, and a social media specialist is that in both profession I am required to listen. I have worked with so many interesting people, from ministers to pre-schoolers, all making sure that their voices are heard.

However, one of the things that I am most proud of is the fact that I am singing teacher in a non-profit organization called Excel Arts Academy and I have the honor to teach the greatest choir in the world, I mean, how cool is that?If you really want to know more about me, you can always follow me on my social media, but sincerely, I rather have other people following you.

Nathaniel Hooi

Motion & Graphic Designer

Nathaniel Hooi is one of the weirdest, funniest and annoying persons you’ll ever meet.
If you want someone to brighten your day he's the guy for the job.

His passion for graphic design/motion came to life when his father introduced him to After Effects at the age of 15. He started experimenting with it, browsing the web to draw more knowledge. His passion grew as he realized that the possibilities were endless.

As the years went by he expanded his knowledge in other areas as well.

He considers working at Lifelight Studios a blessing because it was something he prayed about.

- Serve others with a humble heart and the blessing will come -

Favorite color: #9e111

Reuben van Lierop

Sound Engineer

Reuben R. van Lierop grew up in a musical environment. His whole family was musically inclined and music was part of the lifestyle.

Today Reuben van Lierop is a musical genius and has worked with local and international artists and has composed music for musicals, jingles, and film.

He loves life in the studio, especially when he's creating and producing music and sound from scratch. Developing the right sound to make any image pop and stir the right kind of emotion.

- If you don't feel it, it's not exactly right -

Favorite color: #212120

Nathan Roosberg