Brand Identity Esports
FIFA 20 Tournament – Hosted by Curaçao Gaming League

Creating brand identity for an e-sports tournament, boosting brand awareness among FIFA lovers.

The legendary FIFA series has been loved for over 20 years. What was once a videogame is now a community of passionate people who push themselves to become the best. Together with HelpR and Curacao Gaming League, we developed the brand identity for the FIFA 20 tournament, hosted in Curaçao. An immersive experience using technology, design and motion graphics.


Brand Identity

Esports on wheels

It all started with Beat the KING.  Help’R created a gaming station on wheels. The rules were simple, win and you stay on, lose and you will get thrown off. This beast was running around causing allot of buzz. This was only the qualifying rounds.

The Finals

To further enhance the experience Help’R built a massive stage with huge led screens, so we went wild with the graphics.

Winner Esports tournament