Gladys Mc Kenzie Award

The late Mrs. Gladys van Dal-McKenzie was very passionate about protecting the environment; she played a very prominent role and lead by example.

It is therefore only fitting that her legacy is honored in the Environmental Week through an award that bears her name.
The Gladys Mc Kenzie Award was introduced by Selikor. It’s an award that recognizes the extraordinary contribution of organizations and companies to the environment by maintaining an ecofriendly policy. The award also serves an educational purpose, for we can all learn from the recipients of this prestigious award. Namely, what each one of us can do to protect the environment – not only our immediate surroundings, but also the environment.
It was an honor working on such a prestigious award. We created a strong logo, printed materials and animations for the ceremony.





Brand Development

Since Gladys van Dal Mc-Kenzie was also known as ‘the Queen of Trees’, the Award Committee researched different local trees which would most accurately characterize Selikor’s ‘godmother’. After careful thought and deliberation, the Kibrahacha tree was chosen.


Kibrahacha means ‘axe breaker’ and it is believed that the tree got its name due to the fact that its wood is almost unbreakable. Trying to chop it with an axe could actually result in breaking the axe. Gladys was a very strong-minded woman with firm convictions and opinions. She was not easily influenced by others.
The Kibrahacha’s blossoms are yellow, golden. The flowers’ color is so vibrant that it’s practically impossible not to notice them when you pass by a Kibrahacha tree. Even when the tree loses its flowers, it leaves behind an awe-inspiring golden layer on the ground. Gladys was like Queen Elizabeth II, she always wore vivid colors. Gladys was a vibrant woman; bright and full of personality; someone you never forget.


So we modeled the logo after the Kibrahacha tree.