Maduro & Curiel’s Bank

Lifelight Studios collaborated with Vio Sambo Films to create this powerful commercial for the Maduro & Curiel’s Bank – Future. The end result; an epic mixture of real life, visual effects and a happy customer.


Vio Sambo Films


Marvin Sambo

Director of Photography

Jean-Clair Sint-Jago

It’s all about telling the story right

The team of Vio Sambo Films are well known for their catchy and well thought out scripts and this one was no exception. The story is about a boy that wants to create a time machine to find out what the future holds and only at the end they revealed that it’s actually a MCB commercial.


It started as a normal commercial, with little to no visual effects and ended in a huge explosion of detailed visual effects.

 The time machine

Due to limited time on location we decided to film the time machine scene using only practical effects and lighting and further composited the visual effects in post instead of the use of a green screen, that could be easily keyed out in post. So we had to use roto-scoping to separate the background from the actor. It was time consuming but we pulled it off. To tie all the effects together we created a distortion wave effect to further sell the effect that the time portal opened and closed. 

 The UI Design

We build the user interface for the time machine consoles using a bunch of expressions/codes that generated random numbers and movements to simulate that the console was calculating and solving lots of equations. The primary color of the MCB is blue so we started off with a blue background worked our way from there.

Little details do matter

In the classroom scene, we painted a cell phone light with red and hid it inside the time box. This gave the feeling that the machine was actually on. 


In the last scene where the boy revealed what he saw in the future; we move a blue led light back and forth across the scene simulating a stand by status of the time machine while showing the MCB’s brand color. This little detail made all the difference.



Maduro & Curiel’s Bank


Pantalla Chica Productions


Vio Sambo Films


Marvin Sambo


Jean-Clair Sint-Jago


Nathaniel Hooi


Jean-Clair Sint-Jago


After Effects, Final Cut


Vio Sambo


Vio Sambo